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Express Your Feelings in the most beautiful ways with Marathi Kavita

Marathi is among the top official languages of India. It comes from the state of Maharashtra located in western India. No wonder several beautiful poems are written in this language that is popular nationwide.

The record of the earliest written poetry in the Marathi language is from the 13th and the 14th centuries when poet-saints like Dnyaneshwar and Namdev wrote owis (ओव्या) and verses. Later in the 16th and 18th centuries, there were such prominent poets as Eknath, Ramdas, and Tukaram. The 19th century brought developments like the composition of powada ballads and lawani. At this time, one can find influences of both English and Sanskrit literature on Marathi poetry. Compositions by Jyotiba Phule brought in the modern era with some famous Marathi poems and the good work continues with contemporary poets like Sandip Desai and Arun Kale.

Hundreds of Marathi Poems at a single place to suit your mood and requirements

Marathi Kavita has hundreds of poems that suit every mood and requirement. We bring you all types of poems to share your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones. To make each poem stand out and create a positive impact on the receivers we fall back on the rich and lovely words in the Marathi language along with the rich cultural influences. Celebration time becomes easier with the huge collection free Marathi Kavita waiting for you on our site customized to your needs. We offer the flexibility of use to the readers so that they can make the best of the poetic treasures available.

You can

  • Share the poems online
  • Send these as text

Sharing is easy on social media so that you can greet people with the most beautiful Marathi poems that combine feelings and words to create the perfect combination.

Our poems are the mirrors of the human soul 

We choose each poem carefully to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for when browsing our site. Find Marathi famous Kavita collection with poetry from some of the famous poets in the language. If you want, there are poems from contemporary and new poets as well as lending a modern and refreshing touch. There is no end to the possibilities because we have a comprehensive collection to suit all types of interests, reading and sharing needs. Celebrate love or mourn your loss with poetry coming to your aid and we make this possible by bringing together a huge selection of poems by famous and emerging writers.

Celebrate the life and its many colors with the poems in Marathi

Life has many colors and there is always a Marathi poem to reflect it in the best way possible. Our poetry reflects the themes of love, sadness, fun, enjoyment, humor, comedy, motivation, inspiration, married life, and celebrations. Enjoy your life and share the feelings of sadness with the right poems that say it all.

Browse our website and when you find something that you like, simply click on Marathi Kavita download to share with people that matter the most to you.

Are you ready to start Now?

Uniquely Express Your Emotions with Marathi Kavita!

From time immemorial, people have used poems to express their state of mind and emotions. We have Kavita (poems) for all occasions and even those tailored for people you want to send. Studies have shown that well written Marathi poems have a profound effect on people and it reflects the things that are going on in their lives. It is a mirror of society. Our purposes not only to entertain people and give them the perfect way to convey words meaningfully but also to expand the knowledge of arts and cultures with these poems in Marathi.

Share poems for every occasion with people you love most in the world

New Year is a time to celebrate and wish the people closest to you. Now you can do this in a unique way this season with New Year Marathi Kavita. There is no dearth of lovely words in our rich culture, and we have a collection of the best Marathi Kavita to make it easy for you to celebrate. You can send them as text messages or share them online on different social media sites to greet the people important in your life. For 15th August and 26th January, we have the beautiful collection of Deshbhakti kavita, poems to celebrate friendship, and even shradhanjali poems to mourn someone close who is no more.

If you have emotions, we have just the poem that suits your mood!

Tell your father that he is the best man in the world or your wife is the most beautiful person with whom your life is meaningful. Your sister would love to hear from you especially when you say it with a poem in Marathi language, so we have just the thing. You would love our rich compilation that makes it easy for you to convey the deepest emotions poetically.

Give this a go and you are going to love this. It is a promise!

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