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Lagna Mhanje Kay Aste – Marathi Marriage Kavita – लग्न म्हणजे काय असतं

Lagna Lagna Te Kay Ase He | लग्न लग्न ते काय असे हे

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Marathi Lagna Kavita Reflects Different Shades of Emotions Relating to Wedding

Marriage is the primary step towards building a family. It is a life-long commitment that is made by two individuals from two different families. Therefore, marriage does not just unify a man and a woman. It unifies two families. The man and woman who have been in wedlock become part of two families instead of one. Therefore, it is a significant ceremony around the world and music is an integral part of this ceremony everywhere. In Marathi wedding ceremonies, the transition of two individuals from bachelorhood to marital life is celebrated with Marathi Lagna Kavita.

A journey of Marital Life Explained in Lyrical Tone

Some of these wedding poems in Marathi are being recited for generations and are considered to bring good luck to the lives of newlyweds. Some of these poems are recited to ignite passion amongst newlyweds. Some of the Marathi Kavita on marriage also narrates the heart-rending feelings of a bride’s parents, as their daughter will be living her maternal home in order to settle with her husband’s family as per the rules of Indian society. Therefore, Lagna Kavita in Marathi reflects different shades of emotions felt by the brides, grooms and their family members.

Marathi Kavita on marriage life also narrates the changes witnessed by a man and a woman after marriage, as staying committed to one person throughout life is not an easy task. It requires sacrifices; it requires trust in one another; it requires passion and respect for each other. Poem on marriage in Marathi narrate all these requirements to the newlyweds.

Lagna Kavita Collection for Different Stages of Wedding Ceremony

Some of the Marathi Lagna Kavita or poems have been converted into melodious Lagna songs and brings a diverse collection of wedding kavita in Marathi for the readers. On this website, you will find different types of Lagna Kavita expressing the feelings of a bride, groom and their family members through different stages of a wedding ceremony. The romantic Lagna poems express the passionate thoughts of a bride/groom before the wedding.

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