Aathavan Marathi Kavita

Aathvan Mazi Aali Kadhi – आठवण माझी आली कधी

Tu Javal Naslis Mhanun Kay Zale | तू जवळ नसलीस म्हणून काय झालं

Katarveliche Ajab Khel | कातरवेळीचे अजब खेळ

Ek Aathvan Marathi Kavita – एक आठवण 

Tuzi Aathvan Yete Tevha – तुझी आठवण येते तेव्हा

Aathvan Yete Kadhi Mala – आठवण येते कधी मला 

Tichi Ek Aathvan | तिची एक आठवण अगदी तिच्यासारखी

Haravle Te Sundar Balpan – हरवलं त्यात ते सुंदर बालपण


Aathavan Marathi Poems: Echo the Melancholy of Estranged Lovers

The beauty of the rose is not the only reason why it is considered to be the most appropriate flower for the lovers. To enjoy rose’s beauty up-close, you have to tolerate the prickliness of the thorns. Love combines two different feelings similar to this. It may bring joy to your life with the possibility of emotional affliction when your beloved is not close to you or when you are estranged from your romantic companion. The Aathavan Marathi Kavita reflects this state of mind.

Aathavan Marathi Charolya for Lovers of All Ages

This bittersweet feeling becomes the companion of all lovers and Marathiplanet.com has a collection of Aathavanitli Marathi Prem Kavita for the lovers of all ages, as there is no age for falling in love. This genre of Marathi Prem Kavita does not portray the sweet, wild or passionate side of romance. These poems portray the pain of isolation when you are estranged from your love for a short period of time or when you lose the love of your life.

Share Your Feelings on Social Media or Send Personalized Messages

Each Marathi Aathvan Kavita on Marathiplanet.com echoes the angst of the bereaved heart. After reading these short poems, you may share these poems on the social media platform of your choice. You may even send personalized e-mails using these poems and let your love know how much you miss him/her.

Visit Marathiplanet.com and find Aathvan poems that express the bittersweet feelings of love

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