Old Marathi Kavita

Ya Zopdit Mazya – या झोपडीत माझ्या

Are Khopyamadhi Khopa Lyrics – अरे खोप्यामधी खोपा

Man Vadhay Vadhay Lyrics – मन वढाय वढाय

Pipat Mele Olya Undir Lyrics – पिपात मेले ओल्या उंदिर

Paithani Kavita Lyrics Shanta Shelke – पैठणी कविता

Gai Panyavar Kay Mhanuni Aalya – गाई पाण्यावर काय म्हणुनी आल्या

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2 thoughts on “Old Marathi Kavita

  1. hi!
    i am looking for a poem written by poet CHANDRASHEKHAR which was part of marathi curriculam in 1969 SSC examination. i have studied this poem and i am not recollecting it fully. i shall be glad if somebody help me in getting the poem which has 52 stanzas. the title of the poem is GODAGAURAV. i searched the poem on internet but i failed.

  2. I will like to know the full version of a Marathi poem,”किरकिरती रातकिडे , झाल्या तिन्ही सांजा,अजुनी कसे येती ना परधान्या राजा……”Poet is also not known

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