Old Marathi Kavita

Ya Zopdit Mazya – या झोपडीत माझ्या

Are Khopyamadhi Khopa Lyrics – अरे खोप्यामधी खोपा

Man Vadhay Vadhay Lyrics – मन वढाय वढाय

Pipat Mele Olya Undir Lyrics – पिपात मेले ओल्या उंदिर

Paithani Kavita Lyrics Shanta Shelke – पैठणी कविता

Gai Panyavar Kay Mhanuni Aalya – गाई पाण्यावर काय म्हणुनी आल्या


Old Marathi Kavita – Unparallel Creations of Stalwart Marathi Poets

A poet expresses his/her ideas as well as emotions through a creation. Therefore, each poem reflects a poet’s true emotions without polishing it with redundant words. When you read a junya Marathi kavita, ( जुन्या मराठी कविता ) you learn what influenced the people of those days the most. For example, the old Marathi poems written by Namdev and Dnyaneshwar in 13th century were religious poems. This trend continued till 16th to 18th century when Tukaram, Mukteshwar, Ramdas, Vaman Pandit, Raghunath Pandit and Shridhar Pandit and Moropant were prominent poets.

A Change in Trend: From Religious to Real-Life Tales

A remarkable shift is noted in the old Marathi poems, as the poets used their creations to express their feelings regarding the socioeconomic, political and social events taking place in their lives or around them.

Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar expressed his feelings when jailed in Cellular Jail of Andaman Nicobar Island through his poem ‘Sagara Pran Talmalala’. This poem encapsulates his feelings – how he pined for returning to his hometown and how much he missed his family.

Reedh is another soul-touching old Marathi poem which was written by Kusumagraj. It resonates with the lamenting of a person who has lost his house and everything during the flood. However, he is confident that he has the strength to build everything on his own The poet uses a wishful tone instead of a lamenting tone to express the feelings of this man who has lost everything but his wife.

A Stellar Collection of Old Marathi Poems

There are many soulful old Marathi Balbharti Kavita and you can find a praiseworthy collection of old Marathi kavita on marathiplanet.com. These poems can take you on a tour through the land of various emotions. Marathiplanet.com has compiled this collection after performing thorough research. If you want to enjoy the best creations of the poets of Maratha literature, then you can find a beautiful collection of modern and old poems on Marathi Planet.

Read these Marathi old Kavita and enjoy the classiness of classics.

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7 thoughts on “Old Marathi Kavita

  1. hi!
    i am looking for a poem written by poet CHANDRASHEKHAR which was part of marathi curriculam in 1969 SSC examination. i have studied this poem and i am not recollecting it fully. i shall be glad if somebody help me in getting the poem which has 52 stanzas. the title of the poem is GODAGAURAV. i searched the poem on internet but i failed.

    1. Tuj Hrudaygam rave vihangam bhat sakali aalavitee
      taru teereechi tujavari vallee pallav chamer chalvitee

      etc etc.

  2. I will like to know the full version of a Marathi poem,”किरकिरती रातकिडे , झाल्या तिन्ही सांजा,अजुनी कसे येती ना परधान्या राजा……”Poet is also not known

  3. looking for Kavita probably by Moropant

    taaki upanava pade ati manda thevi
    Keli vijaar wari muana sevi
    nrupe haluuch dharila kalhansa ek paai

  4. I am looking for words of a poems we were taught in the primary school some 70 yrs ago. I only remember the first few words. They are “मराठी कविता-मुलांनो भाग्याने अति विमल वंशी निपजला……. Don’t remember who wrote it. Can somebody help?

  5. That kavita is Mulaas Updesh by Panashikar. It has 7 or 8 stanza. The next lines are:
    Shiri kartavyacha, bhar uchalnya aaj sajala,
    yashacha dugdabdhi, nij vadil nhyatil sagale
    ase vaagaa; jene, sujanrhudaya pazar gale,


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