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Kiti Pujla Dev Tari | कीती पुजला देव तरी अजुन पावला नाही

Tuza Dharma Konta Poem | तुझा धर्म कोणता?

Kamapurta Mama – कामापूरता मामा असतो कामापूरता मामा


Find New Marathi Kavita for All Occasions & All States of Emotion

In classic Marathi poems, the poets have expressed their emotions and experiences in a lyrical tone. These poems have won the readers’ heart over the years and they can gift sublime experiences to the readers even today. However, contemporary poets are no less competent at creating heartwarming and soulful poems for the readers. You can find a sterling collection of new Marathi kavita on In this collection, you can find a wide variety of Marathi contemporary poems, starting from the romantic poems to the New Year poems.

A Kaleidoscope of Latest Marathi Kavita at One Place

Marathi literature has seen the rise of many poets over the past decade. The journey of the latest Marathi kavita started with the compositions of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule in the early 20th century. Since then, many Marathi poets have enriched the Marathi literature with their creations. The heart-touching creations of three famous contemporary poets, Govindagraj, Balakavi and Keshavsuta, are influenced by the romantic English poetry of Victorian era.

However, contemporary Marathi poets have not just created romantic poems. They have created a kaleidoscope of new Marathi poems and you can enjoy all variations on Marathi Planet.

  • You can find Marathi Poems on father, mother, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife on this website. You may share these poems with loved-ones to express your love/respect for them.
  • There is an exemplary collection of New Year poem in Marathi on this website enabling you to properly bid adieu to the old year and to welcome the New Year. You may write these poems on greeting cards for New Year to give a personalized touch to your gifts.
  • The collection of latest Marathi poem on also includes Short poems and motivational poems written by contemporary Marathi poets. You may even find short poems (on diverse subjects) to share on Whatsapp amongst your friends.

Therefore, if you want to find an exemplary collection of navin Marathi Kavita, then look nowhere else. On, we have a collection of poems capable of satisfying all your moods.

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