Marathi Ukhane for Griha Pravesh

आकाशाच्या अंगणात ब्रह्मा, विष्णू आणि महेश
….रावांचे नाव घेऊन करते हो गृहप्रवेश

अत्रावळीवर पत्रावळी, पत्रावळीवर भात, भातावर वरण, वरणवर तुप, तुपसारखे रुप, रुपसारखा जोडा
…. रावांचे नाव घेते वाट माझी सोडा

गृहप्रवेश करतांना साठविले मायेचे मोती भरभर,
…. रावांच्या हातात हात देउन झाले मी निर्भर

Vastushanti and Griha Pravesh are important events in anyone’s life. To have our own home is a dream of all and when it comes true there are no words to describe the joy and happiness of this achievement. In Maharashtra when we enter in the newly owned home there is Vastushanti pooja (Rituals) perform before Griha Pravesh. Ukhane is one way to express the feeling at this auspicious occasion. We have made a huge collection of Griha Pravesh Marathi Ukhane for this purpose. Let us know if you can share some Gruhpravesh Ukhane with us.

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