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Marathi Akshar – अ (A)

अक्कल अखंड अंकुर 
अंकुश अक्षय अकस्मात
आक्रीत अगत्य अचेतन
अचंबा अंजन अतिरेक
अत्याचार अंतर्गत अधर

Marathi Akshar – ब (B)

Improve your vocabulary and strengthen your understanding of the language with Marathi to English dictionary online

Our online dictionary is meant to provide the users with Marathi word meanings in both English and Marathi. This increases your understanding of this language and gives you confidence to use new words in your day-to-day speaking and writing endeavors. It is easy to use and expansive so that you find all the words in the Marathi language that you search for with their English meaning. From the first, our aim has been to create one of kind language reference for the users, the best possible resource that makes finding the meaning of Marathi words simple to find.

Simple interface with rich stock of words in Marathi language

Our online Marathi to English translation dictionary has a simple interface so that you find it enjoyable to use and find the words you look for quickly along with its English meaning. We started out as a small project with little stock of words and it has today undergone improvisation to include thousands of words in this language. The popularity of the site has increased as well as we make sure to provide effective vocabulary database. We have an ongoing commitment to improve it continuously so that it becomes one-of-its-kind dictionary for Marathi to English meaning online.

Fuel your love for the language and expand your mental horizons with our online dictionary

We developed this website for people passionate about learning Marathi language. This is the best online resource for synonyms, definitions, word origins and example sentences in the language with treats like word of day among others. The developers have the commitment to help users improve the use of this language, to transform the learning experience for people everywhere by making words in Marathi language available on the web. There is Marathi to Hindi meaning translation available on our site as well adding to its usability and functions in your daily life.

Finding the meaning for word you want is no longer difficult

We make finding Marathi words of your choice and its English meaning an effortless task. Find the word you want by looking it up in our dictionary. This is free to use so that you can use it for as long as you want and as many times you want. With a huge database, finding the word you have been looking for is the easiest thing possible. There is no more flipping through pages of the traditional dictionary as the meaning of whichever word you want is available at the click of the button.

It is quick, easy and designed just for your needs

Shabdkosh Marathi to English is user friendly and designed just for your use. Finding the words, you want, takes just seconds. Simply type it inside the box provided and then press search. Our dictionary provides the users high efficiency and usability making it one of the most popular ones around.

Is there a word in Marathi that you want to look up the meaning for? Try using our Marathi Eng dictionary.

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