Marathi Short Poems

Lahanpan Aani Shahanpan | दोन जिवलग मित्र लहानपण आणि शहाणपण

Berang Zalelya Aayushyaat | बेरंग झालेल्या आयुष्यात

Ekda Tari Faujivar Prem Karun Paha – फौजीवर प्रेम करून पहा

Blank Aashirvad Marathi Short Poem – ब्लॅंक आशीर्वाद

Tuch Hoshil Dev – तूच होशील देव

Ghutmal Jivachi Marathi Short Poem – घुटमळ जीवाची


Enjoy Reading through a Diverse Collection of Marathi Short Poems

Poems are used to express a wide variety of emotions or the personal feelings of the poets. The short poems are divided into 2-3 stanzas and each stanza may include 5-6 lines. In these types of poems, poets express their feelings without the redundancy of words. However, the concise structure of a short poem can beautifully reflect a poet’s emotions or thoughts and Marathi Planet has a diverse collection of Marathi short poems for the readers of all ages.

Diverse Collection of Marathi Short Kavita for Readers of All Ages

Whether you love to read romantic poems, narrative poems or melancholic poems, you can find a Marathi short Kavita of your choice on It does not take long to read a short poem. The kids love to read short poems due to this reason, as they have limited patience. If you want to read Marathi poems to your child, then you may find a diverse collection of short poems on Marathi Planet to enrich the young mind. The short poems in Marathi are equally attractive to the older individuals whether they are students, professionals, homemakers or seniors, as it is easier to finish the short poems due to busy schedules.

Short Marathi Poems: Narrate Stories without Excess Ornamentation

The short poems are also easier to understand in comparison to the lengthy poems. The lack of ornamental words and the concise structure make these poems comprehensible for all readers. Hence, the collection of small poem in Marathi on is going to satisfy all readers.

Easily Share these short poems with near-and-dears

We give you the opportunity to share the poems from our collection with your near-and-dears via social media platforms, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-mails. You may share a poem every day as part of the good morning message or may share a poem with the special people in your life on special occasions. You may use the romantic Marathi poem in short to create personalized messages for your romantic companion and sent the messages via social media platforms.

You may even create personalized e-cards for anybody close to you using short poems on You may leave a reply regarding each poem on this website and let the administrators know about your feelings.

Visit today and lose yourself amidst a diverse collection of Marathi poems.

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